Hijab: Reserve your strength for incoming bandits, Shehu Sani tells Kwara religious combatants


Religious combatants in Kwara State have been advised to reserve their strength for incoming bandits that will soon invade the state.

Shehu Sani, a former federal lawmaker, gave the advise on Wednesday while weighing in on the bloody clash which occurred in the state today.

Christian and Muslim faithfuls engaged themselves in violent confrontation over the use of veil by Muslim female students in grant-aided missionary schools.

What began as a peaceful protest degenerated into violence with hurling of stones and dangerous weapons. The timely intervention of the police forced the rioters to disperse.

For the former lawmaker, the rioters should reserve their strength and use it to confront bandits that will soon invade their territory through Niger State.

“Religious combatants In Ilorin fighting for or against the Hijab should reserve their energy and protect their state from Bandits gradually moving in from Niger State,” Mr Sani advised via Twitter.