Herdsmen did not kill Afenifere leader’s daughter – Tinubu

Bola Tinubu, has dismissed reports that herdsmen killed Funke Olakunrin, daughter of Reuben Fasoranti, a leader of Afenifere, Pan-Yoruba socio-cultural group.

Mrs Olakunrin was reportedly killed on Friday, while journeying back to Lagos State from Ondo State, where she went to see her dad.

Gunmen suspected to be herdsmen came out from the bush to attack the vehicle in which the victim was in, an attempt to escape by reversing the said Toyota Land Cruiser Jeep angered the attackers who opened fire on their target killing the lady.

Addressing journalists on Sunday when he visited Mr Fasoranti the All Progressive Congress (APC) national leader asked where the animals of the herdsmen were during the attack if they were responsible.


The former Lagos State governor said the said incident should not be politicised as crime knows no tribe.

“How many years ago have we faced insecurity in this country and cases of kidnapping? Is Evans who was arrested, and his disclosure, then a herdsman? I don’t want to be political. The question is where are the cows?” Mr Tinubu queried.

“I am a nationalist and the security concerns and challenges right now must be faced squarely throughout Nigeria. The incident that affected one member of our family, Mrs Olakunri, is saddening and unacceptable but nobody can return her alive, she has answered the call of her creator.

“We must not use this incident to divide ourselves but we must use it as a cure to the security problem by providing additional police and patrol.


“We also need additional security reinforcement along Ore Road and various flashpoints across the country. I have discussed this with various authorities. The governor is aware and being proactive about this.

“The security challenges are numerous across this country. More police are being recruited and it takes time to train and deploy them in various areas, nobody prepares more than necessary for this,” he added.


  1. If a man who’s taken as a god by his own tribal people could say a thing like this, what else do you want to hear people from other tribes to say? With this alone, people should sit up to know that he’s not fighting for the gud of Yorubas or for Nigerians but, for his own jerky interests!!

  2. This man is not sound in the mind. Why are APC chieftain good at lying to the public. The other time APC chairman, the Adam Oshiomole said something similar, when he said that the massive killing in Benue state by the Fulani herdsmen was the done by the Christian community and not fulani herdsmen. So, APC plan is to eliminate other tribes and make Nigeria a fulani nation. This is the time Nigerians should be concious about their safety and defend themselves from these Buhari and Tinubu boys.

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