The House of Representatives will next year take next line of action regarding the electoral act rejected by President Muhammadu Buhari, Speaker Femi Gbajabiamila says.

Mr Buhari had written to the national assembly on his refusal to assent to the amendment bill submitted to him on November 19.

Although he cited cost, security and rights violations of the clause as his reason for withholding his assent, it is reported that he acted on the advice of All Progressive Congress (APC) state governors who are expected to lose influence they have on the party should he had given his accent.

Speaking on the development, Mr Gbajabiamila while addressing his colleagues at the last plenary of the green chamber for the year on Tuesday said the next line of action of the house will be taken next year.

“This year, despite the differences of opinions, all of us in the House of Representatives and indeed, the entire National Assembly, worked to pass the Electoral Act (Amendment) Bill,” the speaker said. “We included in that bill, provisions we hoped will significantly enhance the conduct of our national elections and improve public confidence in our electoral outcomes.

“As it is now, that bill has not received presidential assent, and it falls to parliament to decide the best way forward. When we return in the new year, we will resume our efforts to reform the electoral system in our country. And we will do it together. That is what the Nigerian people expect of us, and we will do our duty for God and our country.

“Whichever way it pans out, we must not throw out the baby with the bathwater and must deliver a credible and enduring electoral system to Nigerians. Every law is a living document and as long as it has breath, it must survive.”