Abba Kyari

Suspended Deputy Commissioner of Police (DCP) Abba Kyari has deleted the rebuttal he issued to dismiss his indictment of criminal conspiracy by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI).

The FBI while probing a popular internet fraudster Ramon Abbas popularly known as Hushpuppi indicted Mr Kyari as receiving about N8 million to arrest a co-conspirator on the orders of Mr Abbas.

While denying involvement and declaring himself clean in the fraudulent deal amounting $1.1million, the now suspended DCP said he received a call from the fraudster who alerted him to a threat against his family members residing in Nigeria.

He said after arrest and investigation, he found out that the complainant lied and he released the man arrested. He said after that, the complainant saw one of his native outfits and got connected to the designer on request in a deal amounting N300,000.

His account though rhymed, differed from that of the FBI reproduced here, showing the full conversation between him and the fraudster who has pleaded guilty.

In a related development, TODAY POLITICS observed that the embattled police officer has now deleted the rebuttal posted on last week Thursday on his verified Facebook profile after editing it twelve times.

In one of his edited versions, Mr Kyari removed the narrative where he claimed to have connected the embattled fraudster to a said fashion designer and replaced it with another incident which he said occurred last year.

“He (Hushpuppi) also called for another case in June 2020 and complained about a financial transaction with a second person whom he said his friend sent 8 million naira to and pleaded for his friends money to be recovered. He sent transaction slips and other evidences to prove their case against the person, All these can be verified from the Hushpuppi since he is still in Custody. And it can be verified from person who collected the 8million naira from Hushpuppi’s friend whom they complained about is alive and is in Nigeria,” the last version of his rebuttal monitored by TODAY POLITICS read before being deleted.

Attempts to reach him on why he deleted the rebuttal was not successful after severally refusing to answer his calls and responding to text messages sent to his known phone numbers.

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  1. A police officer as intelligent as was said didn’t have to make a rebuttal to the public in a haste as Kyari did. I don’t know him, I don’t hate him and I don’t love him because he was doing his job of which he was employed for but I thought he was intelligent.

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