Father of Kaduna bomb suspect says son is a christian

As controversy continues to trail an alleged plot to kill Christians worshipping in a church in Kaduna, the father of the suicide bomb suspect has weighed in.

The suspect whom the police said is named Nathaniel Samuel, attempted to plant explosive in a church but his plans were foiled by members worshipping at the premises.

When the above name was made public, the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) disagreed with the initial of the suspect saying he had earlier told the church members who apprehended him that he bears Mohammed Sani before being handed over to the police.

This might not be unconnected to an alleged plot to blame Muslims as the ones spearheading recent attacks on Christian assemblies in the North.

But the father of the suspect, Samuel Ezekiel, has spoken, saying his son is not a Muslim as being speculated in some quarters.

“No! Not even for a single day has he been a Muslim.” Mr Ezekiel was quoted by Daily Trust which visited him as saying.

“If he was alone, I don’t care but for the lives that are in the church, I begin to wonder. I shed tears,” the father, who said the suspect was born in 1991, added while shedding tears.