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#EndSARS: Alleged police officers caught on camera vandalising vehicle in Edo

A twenty-second video clip trending on Twitter today shows two persons who are said to be police officers vandalising an automobile at a yet-to-be ascertained location.

A user on the micro-blogging site who posted the clip says the incident occurred in Benin, Edo State, where the 24-hour curfew earlier imposed yesterday has been extended to further notice.

The clip showed two men on mufti, one bearing fiream while the other had a wood with which he used in smashing the wind screen of the packed Toyota Camry while the other supervised.

While posting the video captured by a security camera on the micro-blogging site, the user alleged that the men were personnel of the Nigeria Police Force (NPF), a claim reiterated by those who commented saying they know the men and where they are stationed.

“When this appears on your TL, retweet!!! Let it be known that the policemen are responsible for the chaos and destruction of properties in Benin! This is unfair!,” the lady tweeted.

The footage comes amidst allegations of sponsored violence against peaceful protesters by the government as a means to quell ongoing nationwide demonstrations.

Thugs have killed over a dozen protesters since last week. Earlier today, they set two police stations on fire in Lagos. They also killed two protesters and injured at least 20 others in Abuja.

A police spokesman has promised to investigate and ascertained if the men were actually personnel of the force.

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