The federal government has warned Russian forces invading Ukraine to play by the rules and not harm Nigerians trapped in the European country.

Foreign Affairs junior minister, Zubairu Dada, issued the warning on Wednesday after the weekly Federal Executive Council (FEC) meeting.

“We want to believe the Russian armed forces will obey the rules of engagement,” Mr Dada cautioned. “They know the rules about civilians that are caught up in situations such as this. We want to assume they will respect international laws and ensure that no harm comes to them (Nigerians).

“Don’t forget that even our missions in Ukraine have had to be evacuated. So if for any reason any Nigerian is left behind, we are very very prayerful, we are very hopeful that no harm shall come to them once of course they are in some shelters or whatever place they are hiding.

“Don’t forget we had also summoned both the Russian and Ukrainian ambassadors to our ministry, and we did emphasis the need for their troops to ensure that they do not do anything that will harm the lives of innocent citizens.

“We have seen video clips making the rounds about the alleged treatment that had been meted out to black people who were on queues and in buses and all that. All these we have brought to the attention of the ambassadors and we have expressed our displeasure at this development and demanded that they do something about this.”

The minister also announced that President Muhammadu Buhari has approved the immediate release of $8.5million for the evacuation of Nigerians trapped in the ongoing unpleasant situation.

He said that Air Peace and Max Air airlines have been contracted to provide three aircraft and run as many shifts as possible to facilitate the evacuation, adding that those to be evacuated include 940 from Romania, 150 from Slovakia, and 350 from Poland who has registered for evacuation.

“The ministry of humanitarian affairs wrote a memo to the president seeking funding to enable us to conduct this exercise,” he explained. “The memo was to the tune of $8.5 million which Mr. President has graciously approved. That provision entails arrangements to evacuate no less than 5,000 Nigerians.

“Whatever happens you can be rest assured we are going to run any number of shifts that it will involve. Don’t forget it will also involve taking care of those Nigerians that may decide not to come back. It also includes some assistance for the feeding that may have been done by the missions under whatever arrangements. Even the missions themselves are also in dire situations. So it’s a whole gambit of activities that are involved.”