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Deposed Sanusi a hypocrite; deserves his ordeal – Reno Omokri

Reno Omokri [Photo: TheWill].

Reno Omokri, a former presidential aide to former president Goodluck Jonathan, has described the deposed Emir of Kano, Lamido Sanusi, as a hypocrite.

Mr Omokri stated this while reacting to the ordeal of the former Central Bank Governor booted out as the traditional ruler of the Northwest state.

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The former apex bank boss was ousted by the Kano State Government headed by the state governor, Umar Ganduje, over his decision to publicly criticise the incumbent administration and alleged insubordination.

For the former presidential aide, the deposed monarch is a hypocrite who does the exact opposite of what he preaches publicly. He also said the ordeal of Sanusi should best be described as a reward for his attacks on his principal when the former president held sway.

Omokri in a series of tweets said the dethronement and alleged illegal detention of the monarch indicates that the country was sliding back from a democratic dispensation to an autocratic regime.

“The irony of the Sanusi Lamido saga is that he was enthroned as Emir of Kano for telling lies against former President @GEJonathan and dethroned as Emir of Kano for telling the truth to General @MBuhari. It just shows how we’ve moved from democracy to autocracy!” he said on Thursday.

“How can General @MBuharu deny that he had a hand in Sanusi’s dethronement? What an unintelligent lie. Sanusi is being guarded by DSS agents. ONLY General Buhari, as Commander-in-Chief, can deploy armed DSS officials. @NGRPresident, respect yourself and lie less!

“Sanusi was never popular in Kano. Yes, he was momentarily popular in 2014 in Kano, not because he was well liked, but because he was seen to be against @GEJonathan, who Kano people saw as an obstacle to their then burning desire-the enthronement of General Buhari as @NGRPresident.

“Sanusi talked passionately about educating almajiri and talakawas. Yet, whilst he was Emir, he built not even a single school for them. This is even as he spent billions of Naira renovating his palace. Money that could have built 500 schools for the talakawa he ‘loves’ so much!

“As Emir, Sanusi spent billions renovating his palace, and ₦37 million on phone calls in 3 years. He furnished his palace with ₦152.6 million. Bought vehicles of almost ₦200 million. All at taxpayers expense. How much did he spend on almajiri he loved so much?

“First Sanusi said $49.8 billion was missing under @GEJonathan. Then he reduced it to $20 billion. Then $12 billion. Then $10.8 billion. General @MBuhari has been in power for 5 years. There is NO record of $10.8 billion missing. Sanusi is reaping what he sowed!

“As CBN Governor, Sanusi sacked bank MDs for financial recklessness. Yet, as Emir, he spent billions, including ₦37 million on phones in 3 years, ₦152 million on furniture and almost a billion on palace renovations. If this was a bank CEO, what would Sanusi do?

“As CBN Governor, Sanusi donated public money and gave contracts to people like @elrufai. It is in the FRSC audit. Compare Sanusi’s financial acts to the alleged financial recklessness of bank CEOs he sacked. Which is worse? Judge Sanusi by his own standards!

“Outsiders are crying for Sanusi, while Kano people are not. Why? It is easy to speak about almajiri. But actions speak louder than words. Sanusi spent billions on his palace, cars, furniture and phones. How much did he spend on the Kano almajirinci and Talakawa?

“Sanusi preached against early marriage, and 2 months later married an 18 year old high school girl. Vintage Sanusi. Say one thing publicly to whip up public sentiments, then do precisely the opposite in private. Real Taqiyya master!,” he added.

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  1. Sanusi is a hypocrite. Kano people know him very well, only outsiders rue for him….A very naughty and proud man who does not obey his superios. Let Sanusi and El Rufai be dancing: we are watching them.

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