Demanding for Nnamdi Kanu’s release annoying, insulting: Presidency

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The presidency has described calls for the release of detained Indigenous People Of Biafra (IPOB) leader Nnamdi Kanu as annoying and insulting.

Mr Kanu being detained at the facility of the State Security Service (SSS) in Abuja was mysteriously returned to Nigeria from Kenya, according to his younger brother Emmanuel.

He pleaded not guilty to the amended seven-count charge preferred against him by the federal government which has maintained sealed lips on how it got the separatist leader.

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At the weekend, South-East monarchs, religious leaders and the World Igbo Congress (WIC) called for the release of the secessionist leader but reacting the president’s special assistant on social media, Lauretta Onochie, described them as “political neonates who are also, ignorant of the laws of our land.”

She said calling for the release of Mr Kanu whom she described as a lunatic amounts to spitting on the grave of those who have lost their lives in the killings Anambra State government asserted to have political undertones.

“The statement by the South East Traditional Rulers and representatives of Igbo Archbishop, demanding the release of a Lunatic, is as annoying as it’s insulting to the memory of those who have lost their lives in a needless blood-letting in the South East of Nigeria,” Ms Onochie said in a statement on Facebook. “These are political neonates who are also, ignorant of the laws of our land. Where is their sense of decency? Where is their shame? Where is the truth that Christianity preaches? When will TRUTH be released from jail?

“Some years back, I wrote a piece where I implored Igbo leadership to “ALLOW” their younger generation to properly participate in the politics of our nation. They thought every issue in Nigeria, was Yoruba versus North, a post Nigeria Civil war grudge they have passed on to their younger ones who in turn have narrowed it to, and are helping to expand it as a morbid hatred of the man, Muhammadu Buhari.

“Their common saying was, “Let them kill themselves as long as the markets are open”. Well, we are now at a stage where markets are no longer permitted to open in Igboland. Who is losing? President Buhari? No, Ndigbo!

“Today, they are essentially followers and not participating in mainstream politics of our nation, many of their leaders, up for sale. Power is not gifted. It’s a matter of sowing and reaping. It’s about building bridges, Collaborating, Cooperating, Friendship and Mutual Respect.

“Yesterday, their political party of choice, was on centre stage at the Eagle Square. Ndigbo leaders, Women and Youth were conspicuously “Missing”. Their political traders were on the sideline, grumbling and depressed with VICTIM SYNDROME, yet again. They complained that the venue was littered by posters of those from the North of Nigeria.

“So I ask, “Are all the printers in the South East out of printing materials?” So, they couldn’t find their way to UAC, the printing hub in Abuja, where they are all hiding from the monster they created in their region!

“They have a political party, Made in the South East, the home of Ndigbo of Nigeria by the late Ikemba, Emeka Odimegwu Ojukwu. But we can see how hard they are working to destroy it, selling off for cash, to the highest bidder.

“President Muhammadu Buhari’s government has done more in terms of infrastructural development for Ndigbo, than any other government in recent times. But it’s not enough for them to align with his party.

“They are not PDP. They are not APC. They are not APGA. Who did this to Ndigbo? What do they want? Who contracted Kanu to destroy Igboland? Who are those benefitting from the chaos in Igboland?

“This is the time when stupidity will no longer help. At a market place, these monsters did not spare a thought for their own people who came to make a living, before engaging the might of the Federal Government in a gun battle. In a market!

“These people now wake up in the morning, go to a shop. Buy some biscuits and fuel. Make a recording of themselves, bragging. Foolishly attack a combined team of the Nigerian Armed Forces who wastes no time in responding with a superior fire power. All dead. Who brainwashed these Ndigbo to commit suicide? Daily!

“In 2021, if you have a megalomaniac for a son, you should call him to order and hide your face in shame.

“If he is arrested for a capital offence, your role is to shamefully zip your mouth, and blame yourself for failing him by not calling him to order when his madness kicked in.

“Many Well-meaning Ndigbo are of the opinion, that their leadership, failed them by encouraging one of them who was clearly an unwell man. They did not speak up when they should. They are still hiding their heads in the sand. I agree. Totally!

“To call for his release, is to spit on the graves of Dr. Chike Akunyili, Dr. Lawrence Ezenwa, Dr. Ahmed Gulak, slain traditional rulers, students, virgins, and ordinary Nigerians of Igbo stock who lost their lives on the instructions of this lunatic, not forgetting the security operatives they murdered.

“Nigerians are waiting, anxiously for justice to be done. Under President Muhammadu Buhari, a due process advocate, the monster will get a fair trial, a chance he didn’t accord those he ordered their executions. The families of the slain, are waiting for a fair and just closure to their nightmares.

“Those calling for the release of a man charged with treasonable felony, are deceiving Ndigbo and must stop insulting our laws and Nigerians. They are doing so for selfish reasons, which is to enable them return to the South East to homes they abandoned for Abuja and elsewhere.

“The truth is in jail in the South East of Nigeria. They know they failed their people and Nigeriansin general. They should now bow their heads in shame.

“We salute the courage of Governor of Imo State, Onwa Hope Uzodinma, Big brother Joe Igbokwe, Igbo National Assembly Caucus and all Igbo men and women of courage, who spoke up and continue to stand against the evil of Kenny Okwu Kanu’s IPOB, ESN and Evil Guard.

“The laws of our land, will take it’s course.”

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  1. Is this Lauretta Onochie of lgbo stock?
    What a stooge,political hireling, praise singer etc of the highest order!
    Let her bury her head in shame.
    She has no conscience at all.

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