Governor Aminu Tambuwal of Sokoto State has imposed a 24-hour curfew in the state to checkmate violent mob demanding the release of suspects arrested in connection to the gruesome murder of Deborah Samuel, alleged to have blasphemed Prophet Mohammad.

Mr Tambuwal said the directive was issued “in pursuance of peace and order in Sokoto metropolis and the entire state.”

Ms Samuel was stoned to death and set ablaze on Thursday by irate fundamentalists at the Shehu Shagari College of Education in the state.

Condemnations have trailed the barbaric actions of the Islamic fanatics who said they were fighting for their revered founder of the Islamic religion.

On Saturday morning, Muslim youths trooped out in their numbers, demanding the immediate release of suspects arrested by the police.

The demonstrators who stormed the palace of Sultan of Sokoto, shortly after their arrival, resorted to hurling of stones and other dangerous objects.

Social media clips seen by TODAY POLITICS showed the angry mob setting up bonfire across various roads and destroying landed properties on sight.

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  1. By the day, I am getting to know Nigeria and Nigerians well and I am also beginning to understand that we do not have a government in place.
    I am from Kwale. How will be thought of that a man working in Abuja and governor of central bank of Nigeria would come to his home state a rude judgement to be allowed to commit a crime in his country? Is it because he does not have confidence of justice in far away Abuja where he works that made him go to his village to obtain that judgement. It’s unfortunate for a country that an educated judge does not see anything wrong in that.

    So it does not really mean that the president of the country was only allowing nepotism to thrive because of where he come from; it’s all only about ineptitude on the president’s part. I am now beginning to understand that anybody in that matter are allowed to do a thing and get away with it.

    On the issue of the killing and roasting of Deborah, all I can say is that Deborah caused her own death by not guarding her altterances. This girl hailed from Niger state according to reports. Niger state was carved out from the old Sokoto state so she’s not new to her brothers and their behaviors: it the victims/deceased here has come from, for instance, an eastern state I would have understood. Deborah knows her people very well. I lived in Sokoto for 10 years and Kano for 4 years and I know how they behave. I left Kano after what happened there in in 1991. Despite the fact that my pastor called me then a faithless christian, I saw the future and reasoned that I can never live and raise my children in such environment. I had 3 little children then with the elderest being about 5 years. For me, I could live with them and in their midst but I couldn’t trust my children to grow with such understanding to living with beasts without understanding; like I have also grown to personally understand not to argue with a Nigerian policeman who has a weapon. Majority of Northern youths behave the same: animalistic. Even the youth violent rampage going on now as a result of the arrest of the killers of Deborah; I saw it coming.

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