Saturday, June 25, 2022


ASUU strike and the need for tertiary education funding reform in Nigeria

Needless to say that every university student in Nigeria then had extra year even without failing a single course.

Peter Obi and the audacity of hope

I highlighted what made him unique in American political history and why he was uniquely positioned to redefine the polity.

Running mate as albatross: Tinubu’s choice

Christians, Muslims and those who are neither are hurting because all have been caught in the crossfire.

June 12, 1993, running mates and 2023

For the first time since the first legislative election was held in Nigeria under the Clifford Constitution in 1922, the usual divisive factors of religion, geography and ethnicity, did not matter.

The Muslim/Muslim ticket

I hold the latter view but I have said that if our candidate, Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu, insists on a Muslim/Muslim ticket, I and many others shall stand by him and attempt to defend it as long as his running mate is not an extremist who will undermine the interests of the Christian community.

As Buhari gaslights Nigeria

Instead, the journey to the APC Convention produced the kind of orchestrated confusion that has characterized the past seven years of this second Buhari misadventure.

The new blackmail in town

The next president of Nigeria will not govern only those who voted for him.

Tinubu: Back story and the morning after

Buhari has shown that he has no dog in this fight, no interest. Tinubu must take responsibility to lead by healing.

Atiku, Tinubu should embrace south-east and end the apartheid

The country needs a healer to mend the sectional cleaving and to nurse it back to health.
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