Saturday, June 25, 2022


Top 10 popular Nigerian lies with enormous staying power

In Nigeria, once lies and historical myths take roots, they are almost always impossible to uproot.

Fight against insecurity in Northern Nigeria: Not just the guns

The usual pattern had been from self-defence to kidnapping or banditry

President Buhari and the Federal Medical Centre, Rigasa

The bill has gotten the approval of the Senate and is with the president for his assent and commencement of work.

Arewa and Oduduwa more alike than unlike

In other words, Fulani people had been bearing Yoruba names in Yorubaland at least a century before Nigeria was formed.

Identity, barred phone lines and matters arising

I want to appeal to the Federal Ministry of Communications and the National Communications Commission to take a second look at the latest deadline.

Hounding the president, will they ever learn? by Femi Adesina

From day one in office, they have hounded and hectored the President, but God simply laughs them to scorn.

The Muslim/Muslim ticket

I hold the latter view but I have said that if our candidate, Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu, insists on a Muslim/Muslim ticket, I and many others shall stand by him and attempt to defend it as long as his running mate is not an extremist who will undermine the interests of the Christian community.

The Economist and its unrelenting doom, gloom about Nigeria

We can always call out racism and sexism, but this does not change the governing conviction and mindset of those whose forbears took Africans captive as slaves.

Putting our money where our mouth is by Femi Adesina

There is a story that President Muhammadu Buhari likes to tell. He has done so many times in public and private meetings.
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