Wednesday, June 16, 2021

Opinion Articles

Continue tweeting…the implications by Usman Okai Austin

The APC government must understand that many people make their livelihood from Twitter.

When a tottering government twiddles Twitter by Mike Ozekhome

It was a retaliatory action against Twitter for humiliating President Buhari based on his incendiary statement against protesting Nigerians.

I suddenly remembered why I fell in love with the president by Femi Adesina

The man we fell in love with is of iron and steel, one ready and willing to knock sense into contumacious heads, whipping everyone into line.

The Buhari administration at 6: Counting the blessings one by one by Femi Adesina

Some people claim: we don’t see what they are doing. We don’t hear about it. Well, here it is.

Hostile policing by Cheta Nwanze

In the absence of any counter research, let us look at these figures.

The madness of Abubakar Malami by Rudolf Okonkwo

For six years, Abubakar Malami and his principal have done nothing to address the need to restructure Nigeria, the nursery from which all the injustices in Nigeria germinate.

Between Malami’s spare parts and southern governors’ cows by Farooq Kperogi

As a wise man once said, prejudice deceives when it talks, distorts what it sees, and destroys when it acts.

OBINNA ICHITA: Promise Made, Promise Fulfilled By Peter Agba Kalu

I am not a trader, but being an Abiriba man and an old Bende in Abia North off spring, l recognized the fact that my people are mostly traders. Not only that, l and...

Hon. Obinna Ichita: Creating a paradigm shift in service delivery to Aba traders By...

There's something that is becoming highly obvious about democracy. It's like a well refined wine that gets more mature with time. Complain as we do, which anyway is our socio-political right to do so....
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