Saturday, June 25, 2022


Warning shots from Kigali

You hear it from so-called bishops, imams, talk show hosts, phone-in programs on radio and television, anywhere, and everywhere.

A Link between self-defence and free flow of firearms in Nigeria

The monstrous impacts of poverty, illiteracy, ignorance and impunity in the country further amplify these fears.

Beware of any candidate who comes in the name of fighting corruption

The reality is corruption cannot be fought without institutional and attitudinal reforms as well as personal example, sincerity, commitment, clear plan and strategy by members of the highest level of leadership and those at the subnational level down to the residual rung.

Who will end foreign money in Nigeria’s elections?

To reverse this trend, the indifference and complicity of Nigeria’s institutions of financial integrity and intelligence must end.

Effort To Hijack Abia Guber Ticket Exposed- Kalu

Politicians will always be politician just like a snake will always be snake. Even at this age of Peter Obi, lots of politicians have failed to learn from what made him exceptional. If you noticed,...

Nomination of “place holders” by Bola Tinubu and Peter Obi is unknown to law

When a name is submitted to INEC, the name’s bearer automatically and legally becomes the vice presidential candidate of the party simpliciter.

The Peter Obi tsunami APC and PDP are underrating

They comfort themselves with the mantra that there are no polling booths on social media where Peter Obi’s devotees form noisy cyber silos.

Will Tinubu back or abandon restructuring?

Will the same decades-long demand by the south-west persist?

On Peter Obi’s supposed ‘stinginess’

I insisted on taking him to the luxury men’s emporium at Nieman Marcus to buy a smart black suit.
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