Thursday, October 21, 2021


The Enugu massacre and why tribe matters by Aloy Ejimakor

This has always been the case from August 2015 when these easy mass murders of Igbos, under the guise of demonizing them as IPOB, got underway.

I hate trains, I hate bridges, I hate rice, I hate tallest building east...

A lot of people can no longer deny the many achievements of President Muhammadu Buhari, particularly in the area of infrastructure, building a new Nigeria, and so, they have decided to hate it.

Hate speech: When will Lai Mohammed fine El-Rufai? by Abimbola Adelakun

The speed at which the NBC applied the fine and which the Department of State Services pounced on him makes one wonder why such efficiency has not been running the country.

Why we need to calm down by Femi Adesina

But they are not the only things happening in Nigeria.

Mamman Daura’s Comment: Atiku needs to read the handwriting on 2023 wall By Ugochukwu...

The former Vice-President therefore had better been paying attention to how Mamman Daura's anti-rotation submission was ferociously shot down, for the sake of his resources, time, energy and legacy.

All hail king corruption! By Achike Chude

Equity demands that we open the doors of our prisons and release those inmates incarcerated for years for much lesser crimes.

Rape: peeping through a different hole by Dr. Buhari Habibu

In Nigeria, a link exists between rape and indecent dressing, but the link is weak as it is not always the case.

WTO DG: Who wants it the most? by Olalekan Adigun

Taking a look at the qualifications of her co-contenders, none of them has demonstrable experience in managing an international economic organization like the WTO.

GEJ meets PMB: A lesson for bitter-enders by Femi Adesina

The war was robustly fought, and won by the Buharists.
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