CAN declares support for Gumi’s negotiations with bandits

The Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) has declared its support for the negotiations between an Islamic cleric, Sheik Ahmad Gumi and bandits.

Mr Gumi recently began talks with the terrorists who have resorted to kidnappings, including school children, urging them to release their captives in exchange of blanket amnesty.

The religious group said it was doing so in the hope that the talks bring about lasting peace to parts of troubled Northern Nigeria where banditry is speedily becoming the new normal.

“We’ve identified, support Sheik Gumi’s mission. We are on the same page with him as far as bringing lasting solutions to insecurity is concerned,” Mathias Echioda, chairman of Niger State CAN said on Sunday while speaking to Voice of Nigeria.


“We also pray that God will touch the armed bandits. So they can have a change of mind, lay down their arms, and be safely integrated into the society so that we can all have peace and progress in Niger State and Nigeria in general,” Mr Echioda added.

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