Buhari achieved nothing after five years as president – PDP

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The Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) says President Muhammadu Buhari has nothing to show as achievements having been in power for five years.

Mr Buhari who won the 2015 presidential election under then opposing but now ruling All Progressive Congress (APC) thwarted the 16-year reign of the PDP. This is after he tried severally to clinch the position but failed.

His victory at the poll was the first time in the country an opposition candidate will defeat an incumbent president. He was re-elected for another term of four years during the last presidential election in 2019.

Today makes it a year since he has been in office after being re-elected. Accessing his performance, the now opposition party said the president has no tangible achievements aside from acute corruption, indebtedness, poverty among others.

“#APCFailures: 5 years of President @MBuhari in office & nothing to show for it, except acute corruption, indebtedness, poverty, stagnation, hunger, insecurity, lockdowns, curfews, dictatorship, nepotism, etc. @OfficialAPCNg is a total scam, 419 government,” it said in a tweet Friday morning.

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Meanwhile, in a fact-sheet released by Femi Adesina, the presidential spokesman said though the lofty goals are yet to be achieved, it is a work in progress.

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“Between May 29, 2015, when it was inaugurated for the first term, and now, the Buhari administration has made salutary impact in almost all the facets of Nigerian life,” he had said in a statement.

“The government swept into office on the wings of change, and that change has been wrought in nearly all phases of national life. Where the lofty goals are yet to be attained, it is work in progress, and eyes are firmly fixed on the ball. No distraction.

“The three umbrella areas on which government based its interventionist agenda are: security, reviving the economy (with particular emphasis on job creation, especially for youths), and fighting corruption. In these three areas, where we are today cannot be compared with where we used to be.”

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