Iyorchia Ayu, PDP national chairman.

Iyorchia Ayu, the national chairman of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) has berated President Muhammadu Buhari for restating his position as regards to state police.

Mr Buhari on Wednesday said towing the part of establishing state police is not an option his regime would follow to tackle rising insecurity.

He hinged his disapproval on the sour relationship between state governors and chairmen of local government areas in the country.

But reacting in a statement, the opposition party chief berated the president saying his rejection indicates that the president is satisfied with the scheme of things, particularly insecurity.

“Watching President Muhammadu Buhari this evening on Channels TV during an interview session was a gratuitous waste of time because there was nothing new coming from the President,” Mr Ayu said. “As has been said by many before now, to expect anything new from our President would be a misplaced and unfortunate expectation.

“From the economy to insecurity, killing of innocent farmers by terrorists (which some erroneously term farmer/herder clashes) and other sundry issues, President Buhari honoured his calling as a President who has nothing new to offer.

“In President Buhari’s view, State Police is not an option. Yet, it appears the continued killings in some localities of Nigeria, particularly in the North, and more specifically in his home state of Katsina, may not matter, hence, the need to have a security system that feeds on local intelligence and nuances, which the federal police cannot adequately provide, is not an option to our President.

“To him, it appears that continuing the same process while expecting a different output and outcome is the best way to go. We ask, is he comfortable with the killings in the land while the status quo persists?”

Ayu said Buhari should be reminded that societies evolve and Nigerians will not accept his rejection of state police.