All hail king corruption! By Achike Chude

Close your eyes! Refuse to behold the infamy around you so that you can keep your sanity. Block your ears or you will be dizzy from what you hear. Do not yield to the temptation of listening to what the people are saying about what is happening around you in your country. Close your mouth and keep it tightly shut and say nothing about what you know. Be blind and deaf and dumb otherwise you will go mad with the knowledge of the sordidness and abominations going on in our country.


Look! Look! Look as murderers of our soldiers and innocents, kidnappers and rapers of our women, plunderers and pillagers of villages, are clothed in white in the name of repentant Boko-Haram terrorists. While our soldiers are complaining that they have neither been given their allowances and adequate weapons to defend themselves and defeat Boko-Haram, the government is so pleased with those Boko-Haram members who say they have repented that it is now providing a better life for them while the soldiers look on in envy and despair and their civilian victims understand the true meaning of injustice. Equity demands that we open the doors of our prisons and release those inmates incarcerated for years for much lesser crimes.

Look! look! look, as the refineries, NNPC, FIRS, NBET, Palliatives distributions project, NDDC, EFCC, NSITF, National Assembly Committee members, Attorney General of the federation are all engulfed in the scandal of corruption allegations.

But they are not all. It is everywhere in this goverment: in every ministry, department, and agency as well as the judiciary.


If these people get away with all these atrocities, should we not then apologize to hushpuppy and Invictus Obi for double standards?

I say look! look! look, as citizens are arrested at will because they say what the almighty government does not like. Foolish people! How could they hope to get away criticising the powers that be, even if they are speaking the truth? Do they not know that even the mighty Nigerian media is now fearful of ‘stepping out of line’ and is shivering and shaking with dread, for fear of provoking and incurring the displeasure of the ‘mighty men of power in power today?

Again, I say, behold the calamities that have engulfed various communities in the country, especially the north as the apostles and porveyors of death and destruction rule by day and by night, hacking, shooting, and looting their way to the satisfaction and satiation of whatever perverse primordial sentiments and fancies that are driving their base and bloodthirsty inclinations.


Is there no end to the dramas, to the scandals upon scandals dogging every step of this administration? The current happening in this goverment is as dark as any dark story on the government can be. An infernal testimony to the nebulous activities of a government that promised to operate in the light of transparency and accountability but is steeped in the darkness of vice. It is almost unbelievable that a government, political party, and president could be worse than the last government, the PDP, and President Jonathan. Only President Buhari and the APC could make the PDP look like a much better and responsible political party. Now we can see the difference.

The unrepentant and unabashed hypocrites.

All hail King Corruption!


But do not bask in your victories and undermining of our national collective. It is a matter of time.

We shall yet kick you out of our country. The time will surely come.

Another round of tears for Nigeria!

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