Johnson Suleman, the general overseer of the Omega Fire Ministries, has deleted a false tweet he made against herdsmen particularly from the Fulani extraction.

Mr Suleman, a fierce critic of President Muhammadu Buhari’s administration, in the early hours of Thursday posted a tweet on Twitter with an image partly showing herdsmen pantheon on the New Nigerian international passport.

According to his tweet, he was claiming the pages of the passport were littered with the pantheon of herdsmen, giving credence to the Fulanisation agenda of former president, Olusegun Obasanjo.

The cleric is not the only one to have made the claim, findings by TODAY POLITICS showed Femi Fani-Kayode, a former minister; Nnamdi Kanu, leader of the proscribed Indigenous People Of Biafra (IPOB) and other unsuspecting Nigerians also spread the false information on the micro-blogging site.

Moment after the cleric criticised the development, a twitter user, Oluwasegun Olajuwan, drew his attention to the false information on his tweet.

Mr Olajuwan urged Mr Suleman not to allow politicians use him to cause chaos and division among Nigerians.

“With due respect Apst, practically all tribes are represented on the pages of this passport, cattle farming is part of us for long.Now politicians made it to bring divisions amongst us.Sir pls don’t let them use STRONG men of God like u to bring confusion. You are a ROLE MODEL,” he tweeted in response.

Suleman responded querying: “And herdsmen are part of us too?you were respectful in ur submission that’s why I won’t block cattle rearing agriculture? farming a major thing in ibo land?how can u see something so crystal clear on the passport and still be defensive of evil?

“I have lost members in church who were killed by herdsmen..may you not experience same in Jesus you know why a few of us are fighting the agenda..when I tweeted how arrested herdsmen were released,did u retreat?.na dem,” he added.

While the conversation was on, another Twitter user asked if cattle rearing is no longer agriculture.

“Cattle rearing is mining, since it is not agriculture? asked Abu-Imran

Findings by TODAY POLITICS showed that the claim of the cleric is false as other tribes in the country also have their pantheon in the international passport. This might largely be responsible why the cleric deleted his earlier tweet.

Screenshot of the conversation between the cleric and the Twitter user.

Mr Olajuwan on the concluding part of the conversation suggested ranching as the permanent solution to herders and farmers clashes nationwide.

“So unfortunate sir and this is a sad experience that no one will pray for and the good lord will protect us all and guide u in wisdom to lead your followers sir.
I believe promoting RANCHING system is the lasting solution and supporting it will do more good than anything else,” he added.

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  1. If only all tribes in Nigeria can unite as one and forge ahead, with one not trying to dominate another, even calling his fellowmen kaza meant to be slaughtered and his lands grabbed good.
    Years ago, I meditated on how God has blessed each tribal group with a partuclar occupation. Fulanis know how to rear cattle. Igbos knows trading with an empowering scheme for apprentices who they “settle” after years of serving their masters.
    Yorubas are industrialists, educationists, skilled tradesmen and businessmen. How I wish each could maintain status quo and stop seeing one other as preys and they predators.

  2. I strongly believe we cannot be divided by any force. God is smarter than all. He made & brought us tgda all tribes & tongues. He has His reasons. He cannot for anybodys sake undo what He said was good after creation. He is nobodys mate. Can we stop living in a fools paradise thinking He will change His mind to recreat Nigerians? FOUL!!!. Tgda we shall live. Lets try tolerate each other & live in peace & harmony. So help us GOD.

  3. Let’s us tolerate each other and leave in peace, irrespective of what politicians that are no longer relevant in today’s Nigeria are preaching.

  4. Is a very nice one indeed & blessed block to haters/envious. Enough of all these forsaken rascals with big loded head heavy to the neck. I will do same to such unpurposeful inglorious lads using cheap data to talk thrash.

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