Reverend Father Ejike Mbaka [Photo: TheWill]

The spiritual director of Adoration Ministry Enugu, Ejike Mbaka, has temporary shutdown the Christian gathering, notices sent out by the ministry said.

“Our Spiritual Director, Rev Fr Ejike Mbaka wishes to inform his beloved adorers that he has embarked on a private prayer retreat that will end on 10th June 2021,” the notice obtained by Daily Post read. “Consequently, no ministry activities shall be held in the ministry ground pending his return.

“He directs that members of the ministry are to observe this period of his retreat as they used to do during the usual January breaks of the ministry, by praying at their homes, being charitable and fasting according to their ability. Adoration! Holy Spirit is our Power,” it added.

The cleric, a who had been a staunch supporter of President Muhammadu Buhari during the 2015 and 2019 presidential elections, recently asked the Nigerian leader to resign having failed to tackle rising insecurity across the nation.

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Mbaka charged the National Assembly to boot out the president should the latter refuse to heed his advice and step aside, a demand the present leadership of the lawmaking arm will never contemplate let alone executing before the president played a vital role in its emergence.

His demand which has also been made by other prominent Nigerians angered the presidency which likened his action to that of a blackmailer.

Weighing in to restrain the controversial priest from further attacking the presidency, the Catholic Bishop of Enugu Diocese, Calistus Onaga, summoned and detained Mbaka but that did not help matters as his supporters erupted in protest demanding his immediate release.

The mob took their protest to another length by destroying landed properties at the Bishop’s residence forcing church authorities to release the detained cleric.

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Mbaka was reportedly suspended thereafter for a month and he corroborated this while addressing his supporters, saying the plan was to keep him incommunicado for the said period but TODAY POLITICS could not ascertain, as at press time, if the suspension led to the shutdown of the ministry which also has several priests that can discharge the function of the embattled cleric.

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