Abiriba Community At The Verge Of Serious Unrest As Their Community Leader, Dr. Eke Agbai Is Accused Of Wasting Over 20M 

From America to Europe, from Benin Republic to Aba, there’s anger in the air across all social circles and among the Age grades, which the community is known for, as a result the manner one of their prominent sons Dr. Eke Agbai, the Abiriba Community Improvement Union President handled funds, that was contributed by some prominent sons and daughters of the community last year, 2018, for an emergency road repair to save the lives of her people.

When the popular Agbor Court road in Abiriba started falling apart, to the extend that it became a death trap. The Abiriba community, as is in their tradition rallied around and contributed N21.5million within few days and handed over the Dr. Eke Agbai, the ACIU president and staff of Obasanjo Library.

Some known contractors applied for the the work, but Dr. Eke Agbai brought a local contractor and against all opposition, insisted that he must be the one to handle the job.

The committee members had to soft pedal because it was already second week of December 2018, soon the citizens will start trooping home for what was their big calendar year.

The attached video is the far less than the Abiriba Agbor Court Road that Abiriba people contributed N21.5 million and handed over to Dr. Eke Agbai the ACIU president to construct.

It was agreed that the road that is not up to 1 kilometer will be 4 inches tick. The contractor Dr. Eke Agbai brought against all opposition and imposed it on his community to construct the road agreed to the terms and condition listed. But, the contract went back on agreement and used 1 inch instead of 4 inches agreed and which was equally the specification he submitted and was agreed.

When the work started, some prominent Abiriba people noticed that the contractor has deviated from the original agreement and started using 1 inch instead of 4 inches as agreed. They called Dr. Eke Agbai attention to it, he said the contractor should be allowed to continue.

Now, just roughly 6 months after the road was done, it has started falling apart. When the contractor was confronted to go and finish the road, he confined on some people that he was only given N9.5m for the road. And, that he clearly explained to Eke Agbai that it won’t be enough to achieve 4 inches tick, he told him to go ahead and do what he can with that amount just for it to be motorable within the Xmas.

The main reason why some prominent Abiriba people urgently contributed money to work on the road was to save the lives of their people, now there’s outrage in the community because entire purpose has been defeated.

The road is back to the death trap it was. Abiriba people’s life is at risk. Abiriba people all round the world are screaming blue murder, they’re outraged that such prominent Abiriba citizen that boast to be a multi million has squandered the funds contributed by the community for her people’s welfare and safety.

The most shameful part of it all is that some people on his payroll and members of the committee that did this shady job are rising to his defense.

Meanwhile, the ACIU General President when contacted by the community leaders did put up a defense saying; “When we as ACIU Central Exco saw the Ugwu court condition, an emergency meeting was immediately convened. We met during this Ekembu. We physically inspected it. Like you and every other Abiriba loving person, we were unhappy.

“The safety of the road users and the life of our citizens was why we embarked on that rehabilitation. It remains the primary goal .
We are solution oriented. The first and most important thing is how to repair and fix the road and put it back in good Motor-able condition.

“Second, is to determine why the road is deteriorating in condition.

“Third, to put in place a mechanism to prevent the road from going bad.

“Experts told us the raining season was extremely heavy this year. Though the contractor constructed a huge water channeling culvert underneath the road, unseen now, but the heavy water currents still need side gutters to argument water drainage. The gutters need to be Constructed.

“Secondly, the impact of the heavy Dangote cement loaded trucks are extremely damaging. In most communities, using the newly constructed NDDC road at Umuda/ lsingwu village, bars are put in place to prevent heavy trucks using that road and destroying it.

“ACIU approached Dangote for help on CSR basis , we got no help. We must now protect our road.

“We want to assure our people that we are going to fix the road.

“Experts advised us to wait until the raining season subsides before we start the repairs.

“We appreciate all the concerns expressed by people about the condition of the road. We welcome these constructive watch dog criticism. That’s expected in all democratic set ups.

“We want you to appreciate however the high cost of road construction and maintenance.

“Most of us are educated, take time to inquire or google the Cost of doing almost one kilometer road. Ours is just a couple of kilos sheer of one. When you know the amount, perhaps you will not be too hard on that Abiriba Engineer who bent backwards with no professional fees to construct that road for us.

“Most of you don’t know or have forgotten the Condition of the road before it was rehabilitated.

“It was bad!

“This point is not to suggest that the amount spent on the road is not big money. My people, road construction is not cheap .

“Again , we are here to serve. It’s a huge task . It takes love of Abiriba to do this. It takes our time? Energy and resources.

Always remember there is no benefits to us except we love this kingdom.
We shall fix the road.”

The issue Dr. Eke Agbai failed to address in his response is why the contractor used 1 inch instead of the 4 inches that was specified on the contract paper.

Why didn’t he intervened and called the contractor to order at the early stage when some prominent citizens of the community noticed the contractor was deviating from agreement and called his attention to it.

On the excuse of heavy trucks using the road, which was why it failed apart quickly. This was one of the main factors considered that led to the agreement that the road will be 4 inches tick.

Meanwhile, some prominent citizens of Abiriba has started calling on the state government to intervene before the anger brewing in Abiriba lead to community unrest, as was witnessed in the mid nineties when houses of some prominent community leaders that failed the people were set on fire.

Watch the video below;